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B - BulletProof Windshield Protectant RV Kit
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B - BulletProof Windshield Protectant RV Kit

Product Information

BulletProof Windshield Protectant RV Kit

Awarded Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine and Commercial Carrier Journal's

"Top 20 New Products"

Reduces frequency and severity of cracking and rock chips from everyday road debris and pitting due to sandblasting. And because it is highly water repellent, it improves your vision in all wet driving conditions. It provides unsurpassed protection for the most fragile part of your RV, your windshield.

For your RV, BulletProof Windshield Protectant, our flagship product, might be the most important product you can buy. It outperforms and outlasts those "other" windshield protectant products. And it is a better value than those expensive windshield "films".

The RV kit contains a four stage process including 6 - 1.25 oz. bottles (One extra Stage 3 and Stage 4 for the RV owner):

Stage One: Micro Level Cleanser removes impurities imbedded deep in the glass surface.

Stage Two: Surface Prep removes residue left from the deep cleanser and supercleans the glass surface for the application of the protectant.

Stage Three: BulletProof Windshield Protectant is then applied to the glass surface.

Stage Four: Washer Reservoir Booster helps keep your windshield cleaner, helping to maintain the  water repellency on a day to day , week to week basis.

The whole application process takes less than 15 mins.  With each application, you are “curing” your windshield to improve its protective properties.  Each kit protects your windshield for up to one year.  Bulletproof Windshield Protectant is superior protection for your vehicle glass.


And did you know Bullet Windshield Protectant is also great on shower glass?

Pack contains 6 - 1.25 oz Bottles (One Windshield Protection Pack with one extra bottle of Stage 3 and one extra bottle of Stage 4 to accommodate the RV owner)

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Price: $32.95

Product Code: BPWP100RV
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