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The answer is out there……somewhere……ok, its right here!

The BulletProof Philosophy

The philosophy of Bulletproof Autosports is to protect all the surfaces of your vehicle, helping to keep it new looking, helping to retain its value. We take seriously our responsibility to protect what we have and give back to our community. We believe it better to protect rather than replace whenever possible. We will continue to do bring new and innovative products to our designer line. We are the best vehicle surface protectants on the planet!

BulletProof Autosports, LLC

Q:Where is the company located?
Atlanta, GA

Q:What does the company do?
A:Manufacture and market line of vehicle surface protectants and auto related products. We also have fun with message boards and blogs. We are actually a pretty fun group. We have a clue AND like to have a little fun along the way.

What’s the company background?
A:As a company, we believe the glass industry can take new approaches. We wanted to apply common sense approaches towards windshield safety glass. We understood the complexity of the glass repair industry, leading us to develop alternative marketing solutions for our technology.

How do I contact the company if I have a question?
Go to Contact section at the top of this page for complete contact information. Complete the form and email away.

What is the solution to the windshield glass replacement issue?

Prevention of glass damage. Reduce the severity and frequency of “replaceable only” glass damage. Our mission statement is prevention versus punishment. Bottom line: Save the glass.

How was this technology been sold in the past?
A: Through automobile dealerships across the U.S. The product was purchased and applied professionally at time vehicle was purchased. Average cost nationally was over $300 per application.

Shipping, Pricing, Purchase Terms and Fleets

Q: How is my product shipped?
A: Normal shipping by USPS (5-7 business days). We can also ship USPS 2nd day for faster delivery.

Q: Do I get a discount for buying more than one product?
Yes.. We have value priced “Packages” that save you money when buying more complete protection for your vehicle.

Q: Can I buy in larger quantities and get a discount?
Yes. Please contact us if you are ordering 5 or more of any individual product. Wholesale pricing starts when the products are purchased in case quantities. Case sizes vary by product.

Q: Can I buy in Bulk quantities?
Yes. Please contact us. Products are available in quart, gallon, 55 gal drum and 275 gal totes. This is a cost effective method of purchasing if you are applying the product yourself or have a fleet.

Q: Do you give discounted fleet pricing?
Yes. Contact us. We are very interested in talking with you about your fleet. We can reduce your glass replacement costs in a major way. If you are responsible for your annual fleet budget, you will love us, honest.

Q: What payment options are available?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or Paypal.

Q: How can I track my order?
You will receive an email confirmation when you order that will provide your shipment information.

Q: Can product be shipped internationally?
A:Yes. Please contact us for shipping cost and arrangements.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
Yes. If cancelled before shipment, we will cancel with no penalty. If cancelled after shipment, you will be responsible for return shipping costs and we will retain your original shipping and handling charges. Only unopened and unused product will be accepted as a return.

Q: Is the Windshield Protectant Product Guaranteed?
Yes. If your windshield, after application of our product, is damaged and replaced, we will provide new product to recoat your new windshield. You will be responsible for only a $9.95 shipping and handling fee. You must send us a copy of your paid windshield replacement invoice and check or money order for $9.95 by U.S Mail to the address located in our Contact Section on website. Make check or money order payable to BulletProof Autosports. We will review, approve and ship out replacement product within 48 hours of receipt of replacement invoice.

Do I get a discount for reordering?
A: Yes. When you purchase, you will receive a Discount Coupon Code on your receipt. Whenever you reorder, just enter the code and you will get 10% off the price!

BulletProof Windshield Protectant

Q: Just what exactly does the product do to my windshield?
A: After a deep cleaning with the initial cleaners and prep, the product binds into the windshield glass on a molecular or “Nano” level, filling in all the little rough areas of the glass. Glass is actually porous and rough like sandpaper on a microscopic level. The surface properties of the glass are changed, creating a super slick, water repellent coating that reduces road debris or sand’s ability to “grab” the glass when it hits. By reducing the “grabbing” affect, less pressure is applied to the glass, ultimately reducing the frequency and severity of glass cracking, chipping and pitting. In most cases, the object hitting the windshield just deflects off. Water repellency occurs as a result of the change in surface property.

Will the product really make my windshield bulletproof?
A: No, it will not stop a speeding bullet or stinger missile. But it does a great job on everyday road debris and  pitting from sandblasting.

Q: Why does my glass need to be deep cleaned?
A: Because glass is porous and rough, dirt, ever so small, gets embedded in it. Over time, the clarity is not the same as it was when you first purchased your vehicle. We are presenting a product to the glass surface that binds into glass. Dirt and grime impede the products ability to bind properly. For a clearer glass surface and most durable coating, proper cleaning is mandatory.

Q: Will my windshield still get dirty?
A:Yes it will. But it will be easier to clean. Even when dirty, the protective properties are still effective. Our washer reservoir booster is formulated to help keep your windshield cleaner and help keep your windshield surface water repellent even between actual washings.

Q: How long does it take to apply the product to my vehicle?
A: It takes approximately 12 min. to apply.

Q: Will the Windshield Protectant work on plastic or paint?
A:NO. Never apply the product to paint or plastic. For all Painted areas of your vehicle, we recommend our Ultimate Paint Sealant. On Plastic and Glass lenses, our Ultimate Lens Protectant.

Installing Windshield Protectant

BulletProof Windshield Protectant Application Instructions

Total Application Process – 15 min

Stage 1 – Micro Cleanser

Spray on glass surface, wiping hard to remove deep seated dirt, grime and surface spotting. (note: the cleaner may leave a cloudy residue. This is normal and will be removed during the surface prep Process)

Stage 2 – Surface Prep

Spray on glass surface, wiping hard to remove grime and remaining residue from step one cleanser. Glass should be clean and dry with no visible residue or dirt before applying stage 3 glass surface Protectant.

Stage 3 – Protectant

Once Stage One and Stage Two have completely cleaned and prepped the glass surface, spray lightly on clean, dry glass. coat entire surface, wiping treatment in using clean cotton cloth leaving a cloudy, oily residue. Allow treatment to “cure” for 5 to 6 minutes (for temps under 60 degrees, allow additional 5 min. for each five degrees under 60). Remove residue with wet cloth (including molding and paint). Buff out with dry cloth to clear, clean shine. Add a second coating by repeating steps for Stage 3 (only on initial application of product).

Stage 4 – Washer Booster

Pour 1.25 oz of Stage Four into full washer reservoir. Should be mixed with approximately 1 gallon of water. This Booster does not protect from freezing.


Affiliate Program / Wholesale Distributors

Q: Do you have a wholesale distributors program?
A: Contact us by email or sign up as an Distributor. We will review and contact you back with approval as a wholesale distributor. You will be able to order at any time and benefit from purchasing at wholesale prices. Look for the Wholesale Distributors Program button at the top of the store page.

Q: Do you have an Affiiliate Program so I can include a banner on my website?
Yes. Just click the Affilitate Program button at the top of the store page. It will take you to the sign up page. We currently pay 25% commission to all approved Affiliate accounts. A complete menu of banners and support material is available to our Affiliates.

Philosophy, Website and Community

Q: What does “Common Sense Green” mean?
A: With about 1,000,000 windshields being dumped into our landfills each month, and with the knowledge that windshield safety glass does not deteriorate very well, it just makes sense to figure out how to keep the glass on the car and out of the landfills. About 10% of our landfill space is
used up by safety glass. It is irresponsible for us to continue this trend. We need to be environmentally responsible by being preventative in our approach towards our windshield glass, the most fragile part of our vehicle.

Q: What is
A: is our web community. We encourage you to post your comments, create groups, blog, share photos, video conference, music, dance, post large lotto winnings…… not really. But it is the most fun a carbon being can have legally…… really. It is an intelligent way to stay in touch. Great discussion lives here.