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Bulk and Case Quantities

Named as one of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine's

Top 20 New Products

Bulk and Retail Box wholesale purchase detail information

Bulk quantities for wholesale application and are not packaged in the traditional retail box.

Each quantity includes
Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4.

Perfect for the fleet owner / manager or if you have more than 2 vehicles.

8 Ounce - 25 Applications   Cost: $59.95 ($2.40 per application)  Order Online now on Products Page

The 8 Ounce Bottle is your best value if you own three to 6 vehicles

1 Quart - 100 Applications  Cost: $225.00 ($2.25 per application)  
Order Online now on Products Page

1 Gallon - 400 Applications Cost: $765.00 ($1.92 per application)
  Order Online now on Products Page

55 Gallon - 22,000 Applications Cost: Call for pricing details

275 Gallon Tote - 110,000 Applications  Cost: Call for pricing details

Retail Boxes

Retail boxes can be purchased in case lots for retail or wholesale purchaser. Cost: Please call for pricing details on case quantities

Contact Bulletproof Autosports at 1-866-607-3672 for Bulk and Case Order questions and purchases

The perfect way to protect your fleet and cut your windshield glass cost!

Cost effective program provides these excellent benefits:

Protective Barrier  to reduce costly repairs or replacement

Prevents pitting from sand blasting

Reduces rock chip damage from debris

Highly Water Repellent Coating

Improves visibility in all wet driving conditions, helping to reduce vehicle damage and employee injury due to accidents

Protects the windshield for one full year. Cutting your windshield glass costs, saving money for your company and providing a safer experience for your drivers!