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Installation Instructions

Advanced technology to protect your investment

Not an expensive and time consuming windshield film. Bulletproof Windshield Protectant is a state of the art spray-on, impact resistant coating, that protects your car windshield from rock chips and cracks from road debris and pitting from sandblasting for one full year!  And its highly water repellent properties help keep your windshield clear of rain, snow and ice for a safer driving experience.   

Each box contains a four bottle, four stage application process. Each bottle is 1.25 oz.

nstalling Windshield Protectant BulletProof Windshield Protectant

Application Instructions        Total Application Process – 15 to 17 min

Stage 1Micro Cleanser- Spray on glass surface, wiping hard to remove deep seated dirt, grime and surface spotting. (note: the cleaner may leave a cloudy residue. This is normal and will be removed during the surface prep Process)

Stage 2 Surface Prep- Spray on glass surface, wiping hard to remove grime and remaining residue from step one cleanser. Glass should be clean and dry with no visible residue or dirt before applying stage 3 glass surface Protectant.

Stage 3Protectant- Once Stage One and Stage Two have completely cleaned and prepped the glass surface, spray lightly on clean, dry glass. coat entire surface, wiping treatment in using clean cotton cloth leaving a cloudy, oily residue. Allow treatment to “cure” for 5 to 6 minutes (for temps under 60 degrees, allow additional 5 min. for each five degrees under 60). Remove residue with wet cloth (including molding and paint). Buff out with dry cloth to clear, clean shine. REPEAT STAGE THREE ON INITIAL APPLICATION

Stage 4Washer Booster- Pour 1.25 oz of Stage Four into full washer reservoir. Should be mixed with approximately 1 gallon of water. This Booster does not protect from freezing.