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Welcome to the BulletProof Autosports Online Shop!

Bulletproof Windshield Protectant

One of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine's

Top 20 New Products

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"Experience for yourself what everyone is talking about"

YES! - Stops pitting from sand blasting

YES! - Reduces rock chips and cracks from road debris

YES! - Highly water repellent. Better visibility in all driving conditions. Extremely strong, long lasting coating!

YES! - Saves money on glass damage repair costs and provides safer driving experience!

YES! - Helps maintain vehicle value by protecting the most fragile surface. Keeps your vehicle looking new!

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The Newest Technology - protects your windshield for one full year!

A common sense, low cost approach to protect your fleet or private passenger vehicle!

Ready to protect your car, truck or van?


Do you manage a large fleet? Are you an auto dealer or service center looking to provide a better and more unique service to your customers? Looking for a larger wholesale purchase? Save money on your glass repair and replacement costs!

You can order 8 Ounce, 1 Quart and 1 Gallon Bottles online now

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For larger quantities, call 1-866-607-3672

Quantity purchase information is available for both individual retail box and bulk containers.  For more information, go to top of page and click "Bulk and Case Quantities"


Isn't it time you took a common sense approach to protecting your windshield and cutting your glass costs?

It's time you protected your investment

"Because rain isn't the only thing hitting your windshield"

BulletProof Product Line

Bulletproof Windshield Protectant
-  our cornerstone product. Protects the most fragile part of your exterior vehicle surface, your windshield, by microscopically changing the surface property of the glass. Provides an invisible, impact resistant coating that helps prevents rock chips and cracks from road debris and pitting due to sandblasting. Provides for safer driving experience with a highly water repellent surface that lasts much longer than normal over the counter glass treatments. The smart choice to protect your family, investment, environment and to help keep your vehicle looking new. There is nothing else like it on the market! Unique four stage process assures glass is clean and sealed. The Best Product for Your Windshield on the Planet! Click HERE to return to BulletProof for more detailed information.
Bulletproof Ulitimate Paint Sealant - a premier paint surface protectant. Lasts longer and with better protection properties than normal waxes or other products on the market. Protects paint surface from U.V rays, environmental contaminates, acid rain and scarring from road debris. Unique 2 stage process prepares and seals the paint surface. Do everything you can to protect your vehicle with the best paint sealant on the planet!
Bulletproof Headlight Lens Protect - protects from scratching and scarring from road debris and helps maintain the clarity of your headlight lenses from the daily affects of U.V rays, acid rain and environmental contaminates. The perfect compliment to keep your headlights looking and perfoming like they are factory fresh! Safer night driving and helps protect the value of your vehicle.   
Bulletproof Ultimate Tire - superior shine and protection for your tires and exterior rubber surfaces. Protects and helps maintain that clean, new tire look!
Bulletproof Ultimate Vinyl and Leather - superior shine and protection for your interior vinyl and leather surfaces. Helps keep your interior conditioned and looking new. Helps make for a better riding experience and maintains the value of your vehicle.
Bulletproof Ultimate Glass Cleaner - a superior glass cleaner. Think all glass cleaners are the same? Think again and try us. You'll never go back! Absolutely the best glass cleaner on the planet!  
Bulletproof Washer Reservoir Booster - keeps your windshield cleaner and water repellent. The perfect cleaner/ surface refresher for BulletPproof Windshield Protectant. While it doesn't provide the protection from road debris as the Windshield Protectant, it can be used alone to help keep glass clean and water repellent. A superior washer reservoir supplement.
Bulletproof Surface Protection Packages - four value priced packages that combine a selection of the finest auto surface protection products on the planet. This is your best value on Bulletproof products.

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